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Q & A with                                Alisa


Q: What would you say is your Formula for your Success in the Skin care industry?

A: I don't really have a formula,but ,knowlege and understanding how different kinds of skin react and of course great products helped me along the ....giggle ....20years  of great success.


Q: How would you describe a Skin care regiment?

A:It is extremly important to choose the right products for every skin type. Keep it simple and maintain regular treatments with me.


Q: What is your preferred skin care products?

A: Throughout my 20 yr career in the skin care industry, without fail my preferred skin care products has always been SkinCeuticals & Guinot.


Q: Wat products do you use on your face?

A: The products I listed above in my treatments for clients is also what I choose to use on my own face. I wouldn't treat a client with a product that I didn't personally use nor would I endorse a product without testing it on myself. Clients can also purchase these listed products at Spalon.


Q: We notice your clients rave about your waxing skills; what's your secret?

A: I would say throughout my years in the industry, experience is priceless. Especially, when it comes to waxing! Haha! It's not just a part of my job, it's a part of me. I find myself doing things like analizing client's brows when first consultating with them. 9 times out of 10, I already know what I'm going to do before we even go to the waxing studio. In fact, I'm analizing your brows as we speak! (*Giggles*)

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